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IBFD – IFA LATAM Webinars, Novedades en materia de Tributación Internacional y su impacto en América

This is a new joint initiative between IBFD and IFA LATAM aiming at discussing trending topics in international taxation, particularly those with an impact on Latin America. This is done in the framework of the longstanding cooperation between IBFD and IFA LATAM, and the entire seminar will be conducted in the Spanish language. The event will take place next 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd October 2020.

The webinars are addressed to corporate officers, lawyers, members of tax authorities and of ministries of finance, judges and members of academia. The speakers were selected from amongst the best experts in their respective fields.

Attendants of the webinars are expected to get a clear picture on the latest developments in these areas, to develop an ability to anticipate risks for their clients and operations and to incorporate the knowledge gained in their own services. The webinars will also alert them to issues that they may face in the near future.

The first webinar will focus on the topic “Tributación de la Economía Digital: Alternativas para América Latina”, and will feature the participation of Guillermo Teijeiro, President IFA LATAM (moderator), Betty Andrade (IBFD), Andres Baez Moreno (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid) and Pasquale Pistone, IBFD Academic chairman.

“MLI y Medidas anti-abuso: Impacto en América Latina” will be the main topic of the second webinar, which will feature the participation of Diego Salto van der Laat, Vice President IFA LATAM (moderator), Luis Nouel (IBFD), Carlos Weffe (IBFD) and Vanessa Arruda Ferreira (IBFD).

During the third webinar, the topic to be discussed will be “Tributación Medio ambiental: La experiencia Internacional y Lecciones para América Latina”, and this session will be attended by Alvaro Villegas Aldasoza, Director IFA LATAM Award (moderator), Carlos Gutierrez Puente (IBFD), Marta Villar Ezcurra (CEU San Pablo) and Iñaki Bilbao Estrada (CEU San Pablo).

To close this cycle of webinars, the topic “El Concepto de Beneficiario Efectivo” will be discussed, in a session with the participation of Manuel Tron, Honorary President IFA LATAM (moderator), Adolfo Martín Jiménez (Universidad de Cádiz), Joao Nogueira, IBFD Academic deputy chairman, and Saturnina Moreno González (UCLM).

The registration fee is 50 USD per webinar (discounts available for multiple entries).

Registration is free for IFA LATAM members and IBFD active subscribers. Please register as soon as possible as places are limited.

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